" Pranayama, Food Therapy and Meditation are the keys to Good Health " - Ramneek Wig

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Ramneek Wig is an author and a Gold Medalist in Yoga and Naturopathy. Ramneek Wig suffered from cancer 3 times. The first time he got in the year 1998, when he was just 25. He was a practicing lawyer then. Soon after his treatment was over, he got a relapse within the next 6 months. Ramneek Wig went to the United States for a bone marrow transplant in the year 2000.

Even after transplant, the cancer came back in the year 2003. The third time when he got cancer, he again went to the United States for research treatment. Even after the treatment was over, the doctors in the United States were sure that the cancer will definitely come back within the next 6 months. The cure rate was practically negligible. Finally, Ramneek Wig resorted to Pranayama, Food Therapy & Meditation..... Read More


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